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E-Ton Solar Tech Co., Ltd. established in December 2001, is engaged primarily in the business of solar cells and related applications. E-Ton's factory is located in the Annan District of Tainan City, its current Chairman is Mr. Frank Wen, and it is a subsidiary of the Inventec Group.
Due to the sustained efforts of the new management team, there has been significant breakthroughs in the average conversion efficiency of solar cells since 2011...

E-Ton Solar Tech. announces a new product line of 6" Mono PERC Solar Cell with 20.2 % conversion efficiency. ... 2015/2/16
PV EXPO 2015 ... 2015/2/16
PV EXPO 2013 ... 2013/1/4
E-Ton Solar Technology announces a new product line of "PID Free" 6"Mono cell with 19.2 % conversion efficiency ... 2012/12/4
E-ton Solar Technology announces a new product line of 6"Mono cell with 18.8 % conversion efficiency ... 2012/2/22

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