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About E-Ton Environmental Protection

Air Pollution
Manufacturing exhaust is emitted after processing by air pollution control equipment. Every year, testing organizations are commissioned on a regular basis to conduct testing with test results complying with regulation standards.

Water Pollution
E-Ton's wastewater treatment facilities employ shunt wastewater treatment to enhance treatment efficiency and have monitoring instruments installed. Effluent quality is tested regularly to ensure the concentrations of various pollutants in effluent are lower than regulation standard limits.
The pure water recovery system reclaims condensed RO water for secondary usage. Approximately 300 cubic meters of water consumption can be conserved daily.

The waste produced by the company is first sorted, temporarily stored and managed, and then removed by commissioned qualified operators according to the law. Treatment is also reported online. The priority for industrial waste disposal is placed on the recycle and reuse treatment approach. Materials that cannot be recycled or reused are either burned or buried. Proportion of recyclable waste increased from 79.8% in 2013 to 97.1% in 2015, effectively reducing the burden on the environment.

Solar Power
A solar power system is installed on the top floor and covered parking area with an installed capacity of 246.85kWp and can save an average of 30,000 kWh every month.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory
In line with the international standards and the need to upload to the government database, E-Ton conducts inventories based on international standard ISO14064.

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