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About E-Ton Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement Content
In order to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information, E-Ton Solar Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to E-Ton Solar) hereby declares E-Ton Solar's privacy policy. Unless you provide basic personal information voluntarily, E-Ton Solar will not collect your basic personal information through this site. When you fill out your basic personal information on this site, you signify your agreement to E-Ton Solar's privacy statement and methods set forth in services to collect, process, and utilize your personal information. The acts of browsing and using this site are deemed agreement to the content of this statement.

Purpose for the Collection of Personal Information
In this privacy statement, "basic personal information" refers to information that discerns personal identity such as name, address, gender, birthday, e-mail, contact number, ID number, and other contact or identifying information.
In order to provide you with faster and high-quality information and services, when you use the services contained on E-Ton Solar's website, certain services will ask you to provide your basic personal information to conduct login authentication. E-Ton Solar will inform you in advance of the purpose of information collection and use before service use and provide you with methods to remove basic personal information. You can freely choose whether to provide your basic personal information.

Use of Basic Personal Information
E-Ton Solar will store and maintain the basic personal information you have freely provided E-Ton Solar until you directly express to E-Ton Solar to terminate the retention of information or the law requires E-Ton Solar to terminate the retention of information. E-Ton Solar will use your basic personal information in services you have agreed to use, and E-Ton Solar will never share or sell your basic personal information without your prior consent.
E-Ton Solar will provide relevant information according to the law if legally required, or order from the courts or government, search warrant, or subpoena is received, or the provision of your basic personal information is required for cooperation with a police investigation.

Changes to Basic Personal Information
Regarding the basic personal information E-Ton Solar stores and maintains, if you need to delete or update your basic personal information, please notify E-Ton Solar immediately. If removal conditions contravene laws and regulations, E-Ton Solar will proceed according to the law.

Use of Addresses and E-mail Addresses
When you initiate contact with any public contact address, e-mail address, or any contact window on the E-Ton Solar website, E-Ton Solar can retain the basic personal information you have volunteered as a basis for our response to you.

Cookie Use Declaration
E-Ton Solar will not use cookies to collect information or use your basic personal information. If you have concerns regarding cookies, you can modify the cookie setting in your browser to protect your own interests.

Links to Third-Party Website Declaration
You must fully recognize and understand that you can be linked to other websites through visiting the E-Ton Solar website. These other websites may collect basic personal information regarding your identity. Except for the E-Ton Solar website, the information protection policy of any linked third party website is not included within this privacy statement. E-Ton Solar is not responsible for the privacy protection of websites not managed by E-Ton Solar.

Changes to Privacy Policy Declaration
E-Ton Solar reserves the right to amend this privacy statement at any time. E-Ton Solar has the right to change this statement without prior notice. The date of the last update is stated on the privacy statement webpage, and entering to use the E-Ton solar website is considered agreement to be bound by any such revisions. It is recommended that, while browsing this website, you first view the privacy statement webpage to confirm amended items and constraint terms.

Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding our privacy statement, please send correspondence to the following address:
No. 498, Sec. 2, Bentian Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City, 709 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
E-Ton Solar Tech Co., LTD
E-mail: itprivacy@e-tonsolar.com

Date of Last Update: October 1, 2012

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