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E-ton Solar Technology announces a new product line of 6"Mono cell with 18.8 % conversion efficiency

E-Ton Solar Technology announces a new product line of 6"Mono cell with 18.8 % conversion efficiency.

Tainan, Taiwan, February, 2012 ─E-Ton Solar Technology Inc., a solar cell manufacturing company, today announces a new solar cell product line based on its newly developed ''ExcelTonTM-Cell'' technology. 6"Mono ExcelTonTMCell employs an Enhanced Emitter process so that its junction reverse saturation current can be reduced. As a result, the cell open circuit voltage (Voc), Internal Quantum Efficiency (IQE), so is short circuit current (Isc) can be all enhanced. In addition, by incorporating an optimal layout design for the front surface electrode with an improved printing process, its average conversion efficiency for the 6"Mono cell can reach 18.8% level in mass production. It has also been proven to be applicable in the solar module (6X10) with peak output power >250Watts.

This newly developed ExcelTonTM -Celltechnology can be manufactured in volume based on the company's current equipment sets. No additional capital investment is needed. The company is now ramping up production volume for this new series of high efficiency solar cell products.




About E-Ton Solar Tech Co., Ltd. (3452 TT)

Established in 2001, E-Ton Solar Tech, a Taiwan listed company and one of the first cell manufacturers in Taiwan, has been dedicated to a sustainable and greener world. With its professional in-house R&D teams and manufacturing facility, E-Ton Solar Tech specializes in the development and the manufacture of solar cells and energy solutions, and provides high conversion efficiency 6"mono and multi c-Si solar cells at top quality. Through continuous technological innovations, strict quality controls, and optimizing production processes, E-Ton Solar Tech strives to become the world's leading solar cell provider. For more information,

please visit the company website at www.e-tonsolar.com




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