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Finance FAQs

Q: On what stock exchange is E-Ton Solar's common stock traded? What is the ticker symbol?
Listed on Mar 8 2006, E-Ton Solar's common stock is traded on the GreTai Securities Market under the ticker symbol 3452.

Q: What is E-Ton Solar's fiscal year?
We adopt the calendar year as our fiscal year, which means from January 1 to December 31.

Q: What are the anticipated earnings release dates?
E-Ton Solar announces the previous month's preliminary sales results by the 10th of each month. As for financial reports, the release dates are typically as follows:
First Quarter ending Mar 31st: Late April
Second Quarter ending Jun 30th: Late August
Third Quarter ending Sep 30th: Late October
Fourth Quarter ending Dec 31st: Late April of the subsequent year

Q: How can I get E-Ton Solar's historical or latest sales reports and financial statements?

We post our sales reports and financial statements on our company website. You can find the information on the "Monthly Sales Reports" and "Financial Reports" pages. For more information, you can also refer to the Market Observation Post System (MOPS) website.

Q: How can I get a history of E-Ton Solar's closing stock prices?
here for historical prices.

Q: When is the Annual Meeting of Shareholders?
E-Ton Solar last held its Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 16, 2009.

Q: What is E-Ton Solar's dividend policy?
E-Ton Solar's Board of Directors makes a recommendation on the distribution of cash dividends and stock dividends from annual profits.
This proposal for distribution of annual profits has to be approved at the Annual General Shareholder? Meeting (AGM).

You can find the dividend payout information on our
"Dividend History"


Q: Can I buy stock directly from E-Ton Solar or do I have to use a broker?
Stock cannot be purchased directly from E-Ton Solar at this time.

Q: How can I contact E-Ton Solar's Common Shares Transfer Agent?
Please contact Mega Securities Co. Ltd at:
TEL: +886-2-3322-7972
TEL: +886-2-3322-7972
FAX: +886-2-3393-6781

ADDRESS: 8F, No. 95, Section 2, Jhongsiao E. Road, Taipei 100, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Q: I would like to get more financial information about E-Ton Solar. How do I contact Investor Relations?
Please contact Ms Wu at:
TEL: +886-6-3840777 ext.1100
FAX: +886-6-3840872

E-MAIL: investorrelations@e-tonsolar.com

ADDRESS: NO.498, Sec.2, Bentian St.,Tainan,709 Taiwan R.O.C.

70955 No. 498, Sec. 2, Bentian Rd.,Tainan,709 Taiwan R.O.C / Tel: 886-6-3840777 / Fax: 886-6-3840966
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